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      electric forklift refers to the operation of electric forklift trucks, most of which work for batteries. batteries are only one kind of batteries. their function is to store limited electric energy. therefore, when used in appropriate places, their working principle is to convert chemical energy into electric energy.
      用過的電動叉車的電池里有這些電池。注意:電池不能水平放置!內,因為電池是22 ~ 28%的稀硫酸,電池是把電解液可以淹沒板和左一點空間如果電池放下會有電極板的一部分暴露在空氣中,這是非常不利于蓄電池極板,和平均細胞觀察孔或電池的頂部有一個發泄與外界溝通,所以電池電解質斜也很容易流出。
      these batteries are in the batteries of used electric forklift trucks. note: batteries can not be placed horizontally! internally, because batteries are 22-28% dilute sulfuric acid, batteries are electrolyte can submerge the plate and left space, if the battery is put down, there will be a part of the plate exposed to the air, which is very harmful to the battery plate, and the top of the average cell observation hole or battery has a vent to communicate with the outside world. so the electrolyte slant of the battery is easy to flow out.
      1. 電池容量顯示
      1. battery capacity display
      battery power indicator has the function of displaying the battery power of forklift truck, and can also display the statistics of using time.
      pedal brake
      when a moving vehicle needs to stop, please release the right throttle, move the right foot to the middle of the right foot brake pedal and step on it. the vehicle will stop.
      3. directional control rod
      when operating a forklift truck, the joystick on the main control panel on the right side of the seat moves forward, the vehicle moves forward and backward, and the vehicle moves backward.
      4. 揚聲器和倒車信號
      4. speakers and reversing signals
      為了安全駕駛,車上配有角和扭轉聲音,開車為了提醒別人,對控制臺按鈕有一個角,輕壓環,扭轉聲音與撥桿使用,汽車倒車走路,扭轉聲音發出“di, di”警報聲音,提醒別人注意。
      in order to drive safely, the car is equipped with angular and twisting sound. in order to remind others, the car has a corner on the console button, a light pressure ring, the twisting sound and the pole use, the car backs up, and the twisting sound emits "di, di" alarm sound to remind others to pay attention.
      pedal accelerator for acceleration and brake pedals
      in order to determine whether the vehicle is moving forward or backward, the manual joystick is in place and the right foot is gently pressed on the pedal accelerator. the vehicle moves slowly forward or backward.
      warning: do not slam the accelerator on the bottom of the vehicle until it loses control and has an accident.
      6. 前后方向盤角度調整
      6. angle adjustment of front and rear steering wheel
      according to everyone's operating habits, the steering wheel angle can be adjusted appropriately. the adjustment method is as follows: loosen the screw fixed pin shaft and the steering rod of the body and wrench, gently turn the steering wheel to the appropriate position before and after, and then lock the screw.
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