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      at present, electric forklift trucks have a promising prospect in international shopping malls, and also show a rapid development trend in domestic shopping malls.
      first: serialization and large-scale
      serialization is an important trend of electric forklift. famous foreign companies have gradually completed their product serialization, forming products of different standards from micro to super large.
      at the same time, the cycle of product renewal is shortened. compared with diesel forklift, electric forklift is characterized by high technology content, convenient maintenance, clean and environmental protection. in the future, the maintainability and operability of the new generation electric forklift will be stronger, and the display and fault diagnosis system will be more perfect.
      2. specialization and diversification
      the establishment of automatic warehousing system and large supermarkets has affected the growth of demand for indoor transfer machinery. high-performance electric forklift trucks, forward-moving electric forklift trucks, narrow lane electric forklift trucks and other electric storage forklift trucks are very popular in shopping malls.
      electric storage forklift trucks to a large extent help users complete machine operations instead of human labor, improve output power. similarly, it can be well adapted to the application requirements of narrow construction sites in cities, as well as the environment of warehouses, wharfs, warehouses, cabins, buildings and underground engineering operations. this is one of the reasons for the rapid development of electric storage forklift trucks.
      three: safety and comfort
      with the acceleration of internationalization, electric forklift has gradually entered the international market. the square and cusp surfaces of old forklift trucks are being replaced by the arc-shaped appearance of streamline electric forklift trucks, which greatly expands the vision of drivers and improves operational safety.
      the new electric forklift truck will pay more attention to the effect and improve the comfort of operation. the research shows that the delicate placement of cab wall is conducive to the improvement of production rate. if all the controls can be set up according to ergonomics, the driver will be more comfortable to operate and concentrate more on his work.
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