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      the forklift truck industry is one of the most influential industries in the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control law. the environmental protection policies of 2017 and 2018 will promote the forklift truck industry to transform to environmental protection and energy saving. it is believed that the electric forklift truck will be the key development direction in the future.
      1. disposal of exhaust gas from internal combustion engine
      internal combustion engine has a long history and a wide range of applications. at present, forklift trucks still occupy a large proportion in the forklift industry. in the early years, the exhaust of internal combustion trucks has been neglected, global warming, and air pollution. we should consider the exhaust of internal combustion forklift trucks. the exhaust emission of internal combustion forklift trucks should be stopped from both quality and exhaust disposal.
      2. energy recovery applications
      在當下節能,減排的時分,假如沒有充沛應用好資源就是糜費,叉車由于其特殊工種的緣由,需求不停的停止起步, 加速,降落貨叉和制動減速等動作,在這過程中存在著大量的能量損失,制動的時分糜費動能產生熱量,當貨叉降落會產生勢能,假如將行車制動能和貨叉降落能停止回收,重新應用,使之可以到達一定的節能效果,從而提升能量的應用率。
      at the moment of energy saving and emission reduction, if we do not make full use of resources, it will be wasteful. forklift trucks, because of their special types of work, need to stop starting, accelerate, land forks and brake deceleration. there are a lot of energy losses in the process. when the fork lands, it will generate potential energy. if the brake energy is reduced, the brake energy will be generated. and fork landing can stop recycling, re-application, so that it can achieve a certain energy-saving effect, thereby improving the energy utilization rate.
      3. changing forklift power source
      forklift power sources include diesel, gasoline, liquefied gas, natural gas, as well as batteries, lithium batteries and so on.
      4. forklift industry restructuring to the request of energy saving and emission reduction
      the structural adjustment of forklift industry is not only to change the proportion of electric forklift and diesel forklift, but also to enhance the quality and performance of forklift, and to improve the proportion of high-end products. under the guidance of the new environmental protection policy, the demand of forklift users has changed. at present, the domestic forklift supply shows a surplus of low-end products.
      5. miniaturization and lightweight of products
      in addition to greatly improving the technical level of traditional forklift trucks, the trend of future development is miniaturization and lightweight of forklift trucks. lightweight of forklift trucks not only improves the efficiency of vehicle operation, but also effectively assists in energy saving and emission reduction.
      6. standardization and modularization of series products
      at present, forklift truck industry still needs further improvement in standardization and modular consumption. through standardization, product types can be simplified, product design and consumption preparation process can be accelerated, and processing time can ensure quality.
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