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      i. identity of vehicles
      the "origin" of the vehicle itself has a greater impact on the residual value of the vehicle. taxis and rental cars are worse than buses and private cars. they have more miles to travel in the same time and have a shorter scrap life, so their residual value is only half of that of other types of vehicles. generally speaking, the vehicles with higher residual value are private cars and large units.
      two. brand share of vehicles
      like other products, the popularity and market share of products will greatly enhance their value. in the old truck trade in china, the value of the forklift truck, hangzhou forklift truck and japanese brand truck is higher than that of other brands, and the recognition of the common people is higher.
      three, the quality and technology of the vehicle itself
      as a comprehensive product, the vehicle has higher requirements for safety, maneuverability, comfort, technology, environmental protection and energy saving. if the quality of the vehicle itself is low, poor technology, then three or five years after the use of the car will be very bad, so some small manufacturers manufacture "bargains" tend to be very low degree of preservation, vehicle depreciation is serious.
      four, the use of the car itself
      vehicle condition is one of the most important determinants of the residual value of the vehicle itself. vehicles with the same use time vary greatly in price according to different vehicle performance. if the key frame, chassis and engine of the vehicle have relatively large repair marks and accident marks, the residual value of the vehicle itself will be greatly reduced. in contrast, other damage caused by the vehicle caused by the "residual value loss" is much smaller, such as taillights are not on, tire wear and so on are not very big impact on the residual value of the vehicle.
      five. vehicle maintenance cost
      wise consumers can afford to buy a car, and the daily cost of using and maintaining the vehicle has a great impact on the residual value of the vehicle. some big manufacturers have many service outlets in shanghai, good maintenance quality, low price of spare parts, low daily maintenance costs, low fuel consumption, which can save thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of dollars a year for consumers. these cars will inevitably attract more customers to buy used cars, so the convenience and economy of vehicle maintenance also affect the residual value of the vehicle itself. some imported cars, small manufacturers of domestic models often because of fewer spare parts, high maintenance prices and cause artificial residual value.
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